About Ken Reimer

Ken Reimer is the director of the Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning at the University of New Brunswick, leading an awesome team of technologists, media developers, creative types, and instructional gurus. His consulting engagements have focused on startup development, program evaluation, and learning technologies. He has, at various points in his life been an entrepreneur, programmer, CEO, instructional designer, teacher, college instructor, and corporate board director.


When Ken got into eLearning, discovering this new world while at the University of Alberta, it was still in its infancy. He rode the wave taking this burgeoning technology into the private sector. Starting as an instructional designer and developer, he was soon running a development group, then VP of Development. A few years later he had a chance to raise capital to create LearnStream, a company he grew to 150 developers over 10 years before selling out.

Taking this entrepreneurial spirit back into academia, Ken wrote the proposal to create UNB Online, then was founding director of the unit in its early years. He now spends his time at the University of New Brunswick and taking on consulting work, for public and private sector organizations.

A personal note.

Travelling the world for work or pleasure, he’s been to Africa a few times, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, all 10 Canadian provinces, and 48 of the 50 US states. Favourite city is Istanbul, where he spent 5 weeks one summer. A close second is Geneva, where he has returned many times for various consulting engagements.

Ken connects with his clients from his home office, enjoying picturesque windows on three sides looking out over a cozy wooded area.

He also proud to be a husband to Carol Reimer and father of three kids who are embarking on their own careers and families. He supports his wife’s crazy tradition of sleeping under the Christmas tree every year. Cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs, he believes they will win a Stanley Cup in his lifetime.